My Story

Hi! I'm Jane Cagle, owner of Plaid Pelican Painting Studios. I'm mainly a self-taught artist, and I love to paint people on the water. It all came about when I discovered art as a child through my mom. I was mesmerized as she drew our family Siamese cat. I remember being surprised that she could draw something just by looking at it. I gave it a try, too, and the love of art was born. I drew and painted for many years afterward.

Then, as an adult, I moved to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. While I was living there, I was introduced to kayaking through my family. I bought a blue Pelican brand kayak and discovered this exciting world. I watched my nephew do whitewater kayaking with his kayak and playboat. I was amazed at what he could do out there, so for a Christmas present, I painted him doing what he loves. After seeing how much he appreciated such a personal gift, I thought others would like custom paintings too. That’s when I decided to launch my custom art services for people who love being on the water.

Through this adventure, I’ve come to realize that people really love to celebrate moments on the water that are important to them, moments that no one can see until it is painted and displayed. I hope to capture your wonderful moments in the outdoors soon. Until then, Happy Adventures!

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